I am a Multimedia designer and content creator based in Seattle, WA. I provide all-in-one design services including, accessible web design, photography and social media content. In addition to pre-produced content, I have years of experience live streaming large events like graduations and high school football games.

Work Experience

Digital Communications & Accessibility Specialist

  • Leader for website redesign project for nationally awarded website.
  • Collaborated with leadership, departments heads, support staff, and community stakeholders to develop content that met brand and accessibility standards.
  • Trained users in both large audience settings and one-on-one sessions, adapting content based on user’s skill level.
  • Followed website accessibility standards to ensure constant adherence.

Previous clients include…

  • Brooks Running
  • State Farm
  • Minnesota Public Radio
  • American Public Media
  • Confessions of the Idiots
  • Northshore School District